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The Common Condition
Words by Miriam Dale, Illustrations by Christop Booth
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“Miriam has a particular ability to reflect on her world and to put it into fresh, nuanced words that seem written just for me. The Common Condition is a genuine gift for all of us. In a world of overused phrases and didactic teaching, Miriam’s poems are honest and lyrical, allowing us to walk with her, to sigh with her, and to find our answers in the same place that she does. That is invaluable.”

– Naomi Reed, Australian Author.
The Weight of Hope
Words by Miriam Dale, Illustrations by Sarah Dehn
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“Despite the weighty title this is not a tome. Instead it is full of pithy, powerful poems, with light and shadow; heat and hurt, shade and solace. Some, light and whimsical as a feather, floating on the Spirit’s breeze. Others full of grief, gratitude, occasional grumbling to God, and yearning for home. Miriam’s voice is raw, real, ripe with insight, incarnational and earthy. Read these poems for their humble highs and fragile lows of an earthly humanity.”

Gordon Preece, Director of Ethos: EA Centre for Christianity and Society, Religion and Social Policy, University of Divinity, And Anglican Minister.

“This book is not exactly a gentle road. You may feel during your journey as if you are being lulled into a false sense of security but then “THWACK!!” like a sound effect from the old Batman TV sitcom, you get walloped with a poetic punch so brazen you dare not get up from the floor. Somehow this balance is struck between “I never though of that” and “Wow. I felt that same thing but didn’t have the words for it.” The questions, thoughts and insights Miriam offers are all invitation into a deeper embrace of Hope, in all of its messy spectrum. Miriam’s poetry is a reconciling of worlds through words. I would suggest reading this with soup – or a mulled wine – something to be stirred gently, ideally in front of a fireplace. This poetry is best spoken out aloud, quietly thought, allow each lyric and liturgy to land where it will, most likely as a balm for your heart.”

John Englezos, Australian Spoken Word Poet

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